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Thought of the day..

''Perfection isn't about control, its about letting go.' ' - Black Swan Movie

Just a thought.

With love x

Renaissance Art Shoot

Finally, here are the images from the renaissance themed shoot I did in November 2010...
Photographer - Joshua Sallon
Hair and MAU - Michelle Court

Right now I'm trying to battle insomnia and force some sleep out of myself so, bon nuit!

With love x

New York, New York!

So.. here are some photographs from NYC..

Ahh what wonderfull memories...

Fair bit of post-holiday blues now we're home.. But trying to stay positive! And i've just stocked up on lots of lovely jasmine green tea (my current favourite) and flavoured coffee to help keep me smiling!;-)
Also been busy doing the styling and make-up for my hairdresser boyfriends hair model, the theme was 'Androgynous Rose', so i was going for a quirky, edgy take on classic, British beauty.. here's the result:

I believe I could shop everyday for the rest of my life if only my bank allowed me!

With Love x

Home and reunited with pen and paper..

Well... I had a wonderful time in NY :) what an incredible city; inspiring, alive and exciting. It has reignited my creative side and filled me with some passion for life again, which is certainly a nice feeling to feel. I've finally started doing some more design work and although it's a bit of a slow starter.. I'm actually excited about it.

With love x