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Taste the sweetness.

This is a beautiful quote by Louise Erdrich from The Painted Drum, I think it speaks for itself...

With love x

Rainy days with a sunny heart.

"They say it aint necessarily so; things aint always what they seem, Its just the other man's grass, always looked so green, It's just the other man's grass, it always looked so green. You gotta hold on, Do what your heart says, You never know next time around, might see things your way." - C J Smith
These words of wisdom come in lyrical form from my very own pops, a man who I admire eternally for his passion and dedication to living the life he loves, and as he says here.. following his heart with hope. Hope is a wonderful thing... it isnt just dreaming or wishing, its believing in those dreams, that ambition, your destiny. Hope gives us reason to continue when times are difficult, when life tries to break us.. hope is what pulls us through;  hope for better days. Hope for a life of happiness.
And that is surely what all of us fundamentally desires. Humans are built with survival instinct, to survive, to live, to be free. But with freedom and survival come emotional neces…