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Feeling free.

Freedom. It has many meanings..
From the literal sense of the natural freedom that comes with travelling and living each day differently, to mental freedom. And I don't just mean freedom from mental battles.. Because we all know that the health of our mentality is too complicated to catergorise so simple as freedom or not; happiness is a continuous journey, it takes daily effort in knocking down those walls our minds build through struggle to allow more beautiful things to grow in their place. Freedom in that degree is continuous.
For this I'm talking about that inner feeling of freedom of self. Letting go of all previous self-expectations and limitations and throwing caution and inhibition to the wind and just letting live. Being wild, being childish, doing all the things your heart desires without fear, embracing youth and feeling energy for life... This is living. 
There are two important factors here for me; friendship and sunshine. Two priceless things which can transform ou…

Wave riding and belly laughing.

So over the last week since one of my best friends and fellow model Tanya arrived here for the season with me in Barcelona; I've really learnt the importance of friendship, laughter and freedom.
Travelling is something I love, I really do.. I love my independence and I'm more than happy being in my own company which I think is essential for someone who's life is spent mainly on the road.  Equally one of the most amazing things about it is all the interesting people you meet and amazing friends upon make along the way... These people who's history and life you know nothing about, you learn to love for exactly who they are at this time that your paths cross. It's an incredibly liberating feeling to know all you have to be when you meet these people is just your truest, most natural self.
On the other hand... There's nothing quite like the friendship of somebody who's been there through it all, who's seen you at your lows as well as your highs, someone who un…


Ātman. - The Self; one's own nature; the individual soul. 
'Excellent were the sacrifices and the invocation of the gods- but was that everything? Did the sacrifices offer happiness? And what was all that talk about the gods? Was it really Prajapati who had created the world? Was it not the Atman, He, the Only One, the All-One?' ... 'To whom else should one sacrifice, to whom was reverence to be offered, but to Him, the Only One, the Atman?' (SIDDHARTHAHermann Hesse)

Hesse brings up a really interesting belief here, and it is something that Tanya and I were discussing late last night, sat out on our balcony under the stars... If the soul of the world is within ourselves, if all the answers and results we need are already within us; everything that happens along the way is just lessons in descovering that, in finding our potential, in descovering the great strengths we are actually capable of, the understanding we all have but don't always see, the knowledge capa…

Balcony Breakfasts.

Im writing this post from the balcony of my new apartment in Barcelona, and I can honestly say I feel more content in this moment than I have felt in a long time..
I arrived back in Barca a week ago, it's been a wonderfully eventful first week in spain including a weekend roadtripping across spain, dancing by a river at a reggae party in the Valencian mountains, spending time with amazing souls, toasting my return with cava with my agency back here, castings, beach time and all topped off with some great friends being here with me in Barcelona right now.. And as I sit here in the sunshine enjoying another wonderful morning of coffee and fresh fruit breakfasts, looking out at one of Gaudi's most famous buildings, Sagrada Familia; I am more peaceful than I have felt in many many years.. Perhaps ever.
Breakfast is a wonderful thing. And I can't describe how beautiful it is to able to be sat here saying this.. But it is. It is something we should all find the time to enjoy.  And …