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Life in the fast lane...

..zooms by and sometimes you can forget to breathe.

Been super busy the past week with castings and shoots etc, which I love.. but combined with insomnia, I am exhausted! Today is my first day off in a while and it's heaven :) lots of frothy coffee and relaxing to be done today and i'm going to enjoy every last bit.

I've been  really trying and look after my skin etc as models are known for having the best skin and hair, and well.. mine hasnt been in the best condition lately due to neglect and stress. So here are my current top beauty tips:
Water - So i've been conciously trying to drink more water, and it's had a huge difference on my skin.. it looks much clearer and glowy. I know everyone says this.. but it honestly works!Sweet almond oil - I've also been trying out almond oil on my skin and nails and I really recommend it! You masssage a few drops into your skin when you get out the shower, use in circular motions for a super nourishing facial and soak your …