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Myself in Malmo

I write this post whilst on a train from Malmo to Stockholm after spending the last 5 weeks guest teaching at a wonderful studio there; Hot Yoga Malmo.. It is only now as I sit still with myself that I am able to reflect on my time spent there. It really is funny how things work out.. I am reminded once again how I must always, always, always trust in the universe as it always takes care of me when I allow and don't force it. Just two months ago I was feeling pretty unaligned and out of sorts as so many things in my personal life were changing and I found myself literally living in the yoga studio with no windows after moving out of our flat, all my belongings locked up in a storage unit after having just waved my girlfriend off to the other side of the world… It always happens like this; all together at the same time.
And so I found myself alone in the yoga studio, searching for spare rooms to rent and trying to plan how I was going to go to visit Beth in Australia for the christma…