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More than flowers and chocolate.

So Valentines day comes around again, separating the nation between those loved up and flower-laden.. And those either crying pitifully into a box of discounted chocolates or those singletons proudly remarking about how happy they are to be single, free and 'loving life'.. yet secretly catch themselves staring longingly into Clinton Cards... the harsh reality of being alone creeping in, despite the BeyoncĂ© independant-woman talk. 
We all crave love. It is a primary desire. Love shared with another being is one of the most natural and  beautiful experiences in life. However I have descovered something equally as wonderful.. The beauty in learning to love your life, exactly the way it is. Beau or no beau.  Friendship. Friendship is almost more wonderful than the sort of intimate love we share with a lover. Friendship is an affection for another being, just the way they are. True friendship should have no boundaries, true friendship is the desire to share ourselves and our time wit…

Another laddered stocking.

Well, the idea of January being a quiet month has been completely debunked this year; as I've actually found myself busier than ever.. Rushing from job to job and commuting back and forth across the country whilst trying to make sure I find the all important time inbetween all that for family and friends; something I now regard as a vital part of my weekly schedule. Love makes the whole process of living something magical if we make sure to find the time to appreciate it..
So I'm currently sat on the early morning Birmingham to Leeds train with a full day of eccom work ahead of me after only a few hours sleep following a couple of busy days of castings in London. However I've finally found a few minutes to myself to be able to sit and to write.. I often seem to find myself writing on train journeys, it appears to be a time when I have to sit, with little distraction and am able to really collect myself.
Keeping collected has been a bit of a challenge over the last few weeks, …