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Imagine if we obsessed about the things we love about ourselves.

I was talking recently with a good friend about mindfulness and useful tools for recovery and wanted to share some of the things I feel about the whole 're-wiring' of our brain we have to do when we're dealing with overcoming mental battles.
It really is a matter of reminding our brain how to think again. Reminding it of which are positive and and which are negative thought patterns; and that then enables us to make better, more helpful choices in the thoughts we listen to and absorb and which we hush, which ultimately means we end up having more positive thoughts overall.
Also, it's about treating ourselves or 'our mind' in the same way we would treat somebody else..  We would never say; you don't deserve this, you can't handle it, you're a failure, you never do anything right, you're a bad person etc to someone else (without very good reason!) so why do we find it okay to do that to ourselves?  We deserve the kindness we give other people. We dese…