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A little perspective.

I was talking to someone recently and conversation led on to us sharing our mutual appreciation for this beautiful quote from the film American Beauty..

A long standing favourite of mine, I think it is one of the most beautiful pieces of script I've seen in a film. It's one of those moments where all the world seems to stop and all you can do is watch and listen as everything you've ever felt gets expressed so wonderfully. I remember the first time I saw American Beauty, and the first time I saw the scene in the movie when this quote is spoken, I wanted to rewind and listen to it again and again so every word of it could soak into my soul, I never wanted to forget those beautiful words and how they made me feel.
Back then, I was still very unhappy.. And those words meant something else. Now I read them and feel something different. I can almost relate even more.. As something horrible did happen to me, I was not dealt the kindest card, and I could be pissed off about that.. …

And breathe.

I'm sitting on an airplane, Ive read through the inflight magazine and buffet menu twice, my phones off. I put my head back against the headrest and think, what now then?
Suddenly I realise this is the first moment I've stopped, REALLY stopped in the last few months. Without somewhere to be dashing to or a train to catch or a phone constantly buzzing in my ear I find myself somewhat confused what to do with myself. Even my hands feel odd rested gently on my lap.  Shouldn't I be doing something? That mental list of to-do's starts thundering through my mind. 
Stop Zana.. You need to just stop, breathe and enjoy this hour of momentary calm. Yes my schedule is packed and my diary a mess of jobs and events and dates that all seem to be at the same time, but it WILL all work itself out, as it always does; whether we stress about the logistics or not. 
The last few months have been really busy for me.  Still working with my regular client several days a week in Leeds; I'…