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Mr. Right

Dear potential tinder date - No, your 'moment' with the title 'bored' will NOT make me want to come and take away your boredness, nor will it make me weak at the knees, EVEN if your moment also includes abs, tattoos and a beard. The only thing this will make me want to do is 'unmatch' you. My life has zero amount of boredom in it these days, on my own I am whole already... I am not looking for someone to fill a void or end my boredom or take away my unhappiness. All I would like is someone to be in love with. That is very different. I want realness and actual emotions, not a virtual relationship or meaningless sex. 
That is how I found myself on Tinder... With hope that perhaps a little bit of proactive behaviour could result in broadening my chances of meeting someone else who is also, not just looking for a one night stand or a trophy girlfriend.  Instead I find myself sat here, swiping aimlessly and wondering to myself how on earth I found myself at this point.…