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Friends make your world go round.

So I've sat down to try to write a post several times over the last few days and ended up struggling to actually sum up in words all that is happening and my thoughts. Let's just say, there are some big problems happening in china for models right now and it is a very turbulent time..
All I will say is that this whole situation is showing me the importance of friends at a time like this, I have only been here a month.. But these people around me have been my saving grace the last few days, and one positive side to all of this nightmare is that I can say these friendships have become very special to us all. Also, of course.. The amazing people I have back home and actually all over the world that have shared their concern and been there for me. (Btw, apologies if you're one of them and I haven't managed to reply; I'm sorry! Some concern about interception.)
Here's to friends...

With love x

Foreigner in a strange land..

One of the things I love most about my job as a model is the experiences that are put my way and how every day brings something different; I never quite know what to expect, and I've become really rather fond of this way of living.. I am more alive than ever. Sometimes of course, it can make me nervous, sometimes excited, sometimes apprehensive; but always intrigued... What will tomorrow bring? It's quite an unusual way for work to be, but I love it. I am never bored and am always learning.

Today I have a show in another city, so as I sit, a foreigner amongst the masses.. I am writing this post on a fast train from Beijing to Tain Jin.. I have no idea where I am going, who I am meeting, what the job will entail or how my day will turn out; but I am okay with that, it will all work out as it always does, whether we worry or not. So instead I will just sit and be reminded how I love to travel. And actually, how much I enjoy train journeys.. I always feel a sense of calm when I…