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Wow wow wow. What in incredible experience I have received today...  Today is Saturday and the last day of our first week here at teacher training, it was also our first 'expand' class here with Zefea. Expand class is a different type of class to the usual hot 90.. its 2 hours  long and incorporates lots of different elements, it has a lot of similarities to the intermediate and advanced bikram classes, but also has some flows and moon salutations which were really wonderful to do after a very intense and focused week. It felt a lot like playtime and it really allowed me to free myself up throughout the practice. Zefea is an incredible woman... her energy is earthly and supportive, I felt very safe and centred. So when it came to the end part of our practice we did a deep backbending series...  heart openers can often be very emotional for a lot of people and today it really came out. 

Zefea led us into the backbending section with a very mindful approach; making sure we focused o…

Four days deep.


So today marks the fourth day of teacher training here in beautiful Paris.

Where to start... well first, I'm alive!! Just having survived 4 of the most intense days of my life so far in terms of physical, mental and spiritual input is a miracle... and its only just the beginning!

Its tough, they didn't call it Bikram-bootcamp for nothing!
Our days start very early, with either an early morning practice or group study, most days we practice two 90 or 60minute hot classes... and just trying to keep rehydrated after that amount of sweating is a huge challenge in itself, then theres the lectures, the Posture Mechanics, the Teaching Clinics and the personal study providing a constant stream of information which is mentally as exhausting equally to the time spent in the hot room. Some days we don't get home until after 10pm and then theres home study to be done and practical things like laundry (and believe me theres a lot of that when you're doing so many classes!) a…

Our Ego is Never Our Amigo!

Arriving in Paris a few days prior to when my actual TT course begins has given me some much required time to settle, find my feet and of course, get them on my mat to help ground myself before we begin training.
So yesterday I ventured to the studio, Bikram L'Espace, which will be home for the next month, to take a class. What an incredible start to my journey here!.. The studio is beautiful and calming, Frederick the owner is an incredible teacher, he took the class mainly in French but still, I learnt so much from him from just one class. Sometimes language is no barrier for the energy somebody transmits. 💫
It was a challenging, focused, hot and sweaty class that had me testing all my concentration - A new studio, new people, teachers and a dialogue that wasn't in English.. testing to say the least! (and lets not talk about the added sunburn-factor!) 🙈 I had to go inside, to find my focus, to remember my breathe. The fundamentals really - but a challenging class like tha…

The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step 💫


Im never quite sure where to start these posts when theres been a long gap since the last, I always feel theres so much to tell and finding a place to start seems impossible!

However i've been prompted to begin writing regularly again as I begin my yoga teacher training journey with Evolation Yoga.. its a very welcomed prompt; Ive always loved writing and posting on my blog.. something magical always happens when I do, realities are realised before me and my mind speaks louder than my voice can ever do.
And I'm sure with the very intense month of learning and physical training I have ahead of me; writing will be a welcomed solace.

So I arrived two days ago to beautiful Paris, which is now home to me for the summer while I complete my training.. Ive always loved this city, I remember telling my parents how I would one day live in Paris.. my dance days brought me here for shows when I was younger, then working as a model I would hop from one city to another.. but never be…