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Feeling the way...

Having courage is not never falling, never crying, never admitting defeat... Courage is that strength to keep going, day after day. To believe in yourself and your dreams.
If I'm honest, my courage has been tried the last couple of weeks. A combination of factors that have come my way have been trying to pull me under, to make me break my strength.. But each day I remind myself to keep going.  We HAVE to keep ourselves on track, keep in the direction of our destiny... We are the only one that can save ourselvesand it is more important than ever when life is testing that strength to remember what it is that you desire, that brings you happiness.. And keep going with relentless faith in the journey of life. 
It can be really very draining retaining this hope sometimes; people often comment on what a positive, uplifting person I am... But nobody can be that way 100% of the time, it's amazing what a smile can do, can cover.. But we are all human. We all feel. In some ways I&…

Being limitless.

Because we are capable beyond what we know. Because we are stronger than we believe. Because we are bigger than our mind can comprehend. Our energy is collosal, it will always be. Our deepest desires know no boundaries. 
Feel them. See your direction. See all that you can be. Have no fear. Know you are limitless. 
Trust in the process of life, what is meant to be, it will be.  And enjoy the ride.
With love x

Making the connection.

October 2nd
Three days ago marked a rather monumental day. Not only was it my big sisters birthday, which brought me back home to Birmingham for some good O'Sister time and it a little wine.. But it was also World Day for Animals, and a day where a campaign was born - #fastagainstslaughter. A worldwide fast in solidarity of the billions of animals that suffer each day.  It was chosen by FarmUSA to be on this day because it falls also falls on Gandhi's birthday... A man who's years of protests and fasts brought about so much positive change.
When factory-farmed animals are being taken to slaughter they are often subjected to periods of around 12 hours or longer without food or water. After a life without an ounce of kindness or care; they are deprived of the very basic necessities in their final hours, before being, often very brutally, murdered. (More info about the pledge in the link below if anyone wants to read more)
So on October 2nd I proudly joined thousands of others i…