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'Your outer world reflects the state of your inner world.'

'...By controlling the thoughts that you think and the way you respond to the events of your life, you begin to control your destiny.'
Robin S. Sharma, The Monk That Sold His Ferarri.

The Monk That Sold His Ferrari

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I've been enjoying studying a really great book written by Robin S. Sharma called The Monk That Sold His Ferrari, it is a brilliantly inspiring read... One I certainly recommend. There are so many incredible quotes I could share from the book, so many of the words leap off the page to me with such intense significance I have to keep turning back the pages and re-reading them in affirmation; absorbing them like gospel. It a fair to say this book if quickly becoming a favourite...
'Awaken yourself to the power of your own mind to make things happen. Once you do, the universe will conspire with you to work magic in your life.'
'There was one quotation, however; that he carried deep within his heart; one that encapsulated all the values he had come to cherish... The words came from the great Indian philosopher Patanjali... Julian then showed me the card. The quotation read:
When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordi…

Madrid to Manchester.

The last week has been manic to say the least.. involving many late nights and early starts, birthday celebrations, a lot of work, a few tears but mainly a lot of smiles, 5 different cities, a lot of miles travelled and one too many glasses of cava..But it's been amazing.

The best way I can think to record this beautiful time is in pictures... So I will keep this one short and sweet, and leave you with a little look into my recent days.

Sky high.

The title of this post is relevant for two reasons, one being because I'm actually writing this while several hundred feet high in a plane flying phone from Barcelona to Leeds for what I hope to be a few days off celebrating (a little belatedly!) my birthday with family and friends. The second reason is that it is, I feel, a rather suitable way to describe my current state of mind.
The last week has been completely chaotic, but it creates an excitement that I crave.. My energy for life feels electric. In my last post i was preparing to fly back home to the UK for what I expected to be a few weeks of calm at home preparing for my upcoming trip to China; but come the following Tuesday I found out I'd confirmed a TVC job back in Barcelona and need to fly out asap. Which I did, and by the Thursday lunchtime I was back in my favourite city, which was strange as when I left I'd had a funny feeling it wasn't really adios!

I then had a busy few days working in Barca and next …


Right now in my life, one thing is very clear.. I must be adaptable. It is good then, that if have become rather accustomed to change over the last year or so, and I like to consider myself fairly skilled at this art of adaption and acceptance of change.
Change presents itself in many different ways, from sudden (as has been the case lately) unheaval of life from what we become used to, to realisation that relationships/friendships change and will never be what they used to be.. Change is something that will always happen. We cannot prevent it, and fighting it is hopeless, simply resulting in disappointment. The best way to avoid this dismay or distress is to begin accepting; things change and people grow and that is all part of the process. As I've said before, trust in that process of life and be comforted in the thought that everything will turn out just the way it was destined to be, keep believing in your hopes and dreams and you will find the way there.
I've been re-readin…

On the road again...

So the time has come, once again for me to be packing up my little home-from-home back into my black case and taking to the skies in sight of the next adventure.
I do feel some sadness to be leaving Barcelona this time, simply because I know it will be around 3 months until I can next return.. I feel like I'm leaving a part of me, because honestly BCN has made a special impact on me, and it certainly has a little piece of my heart.. I know I will be back, but for sure I will miss this special city. A spanish friend of mine told me just the other day, that I seem more at home here than many Catalonians! I've talked enough about why, so all I need say is that it does feel a little strange to be leaving for so long.. I will miss the way it makes me feel.
But that's okay because I am leaving for good reason.. New adventures to be had and places to discover! And that is what I love about travelling; the way you experience different cultures and learn to understand them enough that …