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The art of Living (and coffee drinking)

Today I am thankful for the skill I have learnt for appreciation. 
Appreciating the beauty in the smaller things in life.. the few hours in the day kept just for yourself, that coffee you buy every morning, the people that smile as they pass you by, the privilege of choosing what to have for lunch when there's people in the world going hungry, taking the stairs; because you can!..  These are all the small things which once you start seeing the beauty in, you begin realising really how lucky we actually are.
Okay so you got out of bed on the wrong side; your car won't start, you just got dumped, the cat has flu AND it's raining outside.. So what!!  Laugh at that 'woe is me' attitude.. Life is precious, enjoy it! Make the most of being alive.. Turn 'time to kill' into time well spent.
Start doing that and every day starts being a 'good day'. Live for today, in the moment, for it is all we really have. 
Take for example, enjoying a cup of really great coffee.…


Well, when I said Barcelona had won my heart... I wasn't exaggerating, I wasn't home a month before I had my flight booked back out here!So last night I touched back down in this magical city and that little piece of my picture slipped back into place... I felt like I'd arrived home.
I had a wonderful break; Christmas and New Year slipped by in a dreamy haze of happiness... It really was, the best I've had in a long, long time. There was a lot of reasons which contributed to this holiday being such a happy one... The main thing I think for me being the difference inside my own mind, but Im sure everyone in my family would also say that this Christmas was filled with a lot of positivity. It's amazing what just a year can do. I can't even begin to explain the difference just 365 days can bring, this time last year things were very, very different.
So yes, it was an amazing break.. But those wings of mine had started to itch the last few days, I was certainly happy w…

The First Page of a 365 Day Book

A new year, a time where society forces us to feel that we should be starting something new, making changes, resolutions and promises to ourselves which we inevitably fail to keep..
Until the next year, when we reflect back over the year.. Get filled with the sense of failure and pledge to make next year different, and then do the same thing all over again.
Well last year instead, I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve within the year. These included career plans, places I wanted to visit, personal growth I hoped to see, creative ambitions to achieve and to eat vegan cake. Yesterday, in my reflective-end-of-the -year mood, I looked back at this list.. And instead of the usual feeling of failure at not sticking to a resolution; It was amazing to see I had to to ticked off most of that list. I'm really proud of what I achieved last year. Really. I never take it for granted. Gratitude is a virtue.
I am thankful for the year I had, the strength I found inside of myself, for lear…