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The last week..

So today is Monday, and today marks the first day of the last week I will spend here in Barcelona before flying home to my family for Christmas.. Equally, it marks the last week before Christmas - possibly one of the most exciting ones of the year nationwide.
And this year I am feeling appropriately excited.. It has been an amazing year, so many adventures, lessons learnt, accomplishments and memories made.. And it is a year I am very much looking forward to celebrating with those I love as it comes to an end this holiday. 
Travelling is amazing, it has brought me so much.. And this year I have really discovered the value of how travelling builds your strength of character and self, I feel a million times the person I was this time last year..
However of course with travelling and spending so much time away from home comes the missing of family and friends. It can be hard, especially when you feel to be missing out on time spent with the people you love..  But on the other hand.. As I pre…

Is being too good, bad?

This is the question upon my my mind this week... What does it mean to be too good??
I ask myself this because it has been twice now in the last few days that this has been the topic of conversation, and it seems all too relevant to me to not discuss with myself..  Am I bad for being good?
It seems an absurd question to be asking, but actually when you begin to think about it, it's not. For in our efforts to be a good person, to do the right thing, to please others as well as ourselves, to do the respectable thing, to make happiness, and of course something I regard very important - to create good energy and karma around ourselves.. Perhaps in all these efforts to do good, we are then vulnerable to be questioned by others of our strength or our toughness, our sense of challenge or excitement, or our ability to be free and live in the moment, to chance and to dare, or to be wild and just a little bad...  And of course, these things are only seen and perhaps thought of us, by those peopl…

December 1st

Today marks the 1st of December and of course.. The official countdown to christmas.
I spent the day in appropriate festive manor and actually purchased the first of my Christmas gifts down at the traditional Spanish Christmas market that opened here last night in Barcelona and runs all the way until Christmas.
It was a beautiful day, as are most spent here in my dream city.. But made even more special by the growing sense of excitement and wonder that Christmas and the build up throughout December brings people. You feel it all around you, and as the days draw colder, the lights twinkle brighter and those coffees with friends grow longer.. 
And to me this is what I am most looking forward to.. The excitement isn't for the receiving of gifts, the time off or the permission to eat our weight in mince pies. For me, It is this time spent.. Enjoying the time with my family and friends.  We come together without questioning each year as it is what is known.. But this year, I really can'…

'Don't worry, be happy'

Well, as I mentioned briefly in my last post.. I'm currently out in Barcelona with Berta Models, I've been here roughly 3 weeks and it's going so well.

..BCN has always been a favourite city of mine... But now I'm experiencing living/working here.. It's completely stolen my heart. This city makes me feel alive.
It would be an amazing trip even if I didn't work well here, but I booked my first job from the first casting on my arrival for Cebado hair, and things just went from there.. It's been great, and last week I filmed the new Vodafone Advert which was the cherry on the top! 
What an amazing job, we filmed it from sunset to sunrise on a rooftop looking out over Barcelona, my co-star was a special friend, and although the nights were cold and tiring, it really was such a beautiful experience. I felt so free up there on that rooftop, so open to the world.. In my body, my mind, my soul. Here I feel like I'm reconnecting all the dots.
In fact, this partic…

Hello old friend..

I was sitting here this morning with many thoughts fleeting through my mind, as they often do.. And I realised I have all these words in my mind but have remarkably not thought to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) for such a long time.For a significant part of the year I found my deepest solace in the traditional paper journal, over the first 4 months of this year I must have filled around 5 or 6 thick journals, sometimes writing for the most part of the day, and night sometimes also when my thoughts disallowed me of sleep. Of course, this was during a very difficult time.. And writing was my greatest release, and over those pages I provided myself the best therapy one could find. I learnt to listen to my heart. Writing is the most honest thing you can do, the words come out pure and true. And prior to that I always had a casual journal on the go, or the infrequent blog post at the least..
However, since then I went on modelling trips to China for the summer, then London and curr…