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Goa, India

We are almost halfway through our Indian adventure, having spent the last two weeks exploring Goa and it's beautiful beautiful beaches, it is just three more days until we buckle up our backpacks and head north to delve deeper into 'real India'.
Goa has been beautiful, relaxing for the most part, and the perfect way to ease ourselves into our travels here in this multi-sensory country.  We arrived here at the start of Febuary where we checked into our first hostel bleary eyed at 2am and crashed into our (rock solid!) bunks, we awoke to the warmest of welcomes from some of my other half, Bethany's best friends who are also travelling Goa right now, meeting here wasn't necessarily planned but what a wonderful coincidence it has been... we have spent most of the last two weeks exploring, relaxing and partying with them.. A few days later we moved into a guest house and some more of her friends arrived after weeks trecking the Himalayas.. how special it is to all be toge…