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I had a realisation today.

Maybe I learnt to let go of the bitterness, maybe I finally learnt to let go of the attachment to the pain I have experienced.. But today I thought about what I have been through and I felt gratitude.
I realised this pain was my becoming... The pain was my purification, my awakening to myself and to my karmic duty here on Earth.

I went through years and years of self-abuse, destruction and pain. I used to feel a victim of my illness, I used to feel angry about it.. "why me?'
But I am no longer bitter about what happened to me, I realise now all of this was a blessing. This experience was such an essential part of my journey. If I had not experienced this, If I had not broken myself completely; I would never have learnt how to rebuild myself into the person I am today.

This person is now here to serve and heal others, to teach others from what I have learnt. I now know happiness and peace; but I am only able to realise and appreciate that because I h…