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It is true

That in the end, the only one that can truly change your path in life is yourself. Only you, no one else.

A simple yet incredibly difficult thing to understand.
We must learn to hear and trust our inner strength and have faith in our decisions.
I am searching for that inner courage right now more than ever as I have questions that only I can find the answers for.

It could be a lonely feeling or one of freedom and of self-empowerment.
We do have the power to dictate our future and our paths in life, but we have to take responsibility and make choices.

Sometimes we reach total crossroads in life, and the only way forward is to force ourselves to face very difficult decisions... it can feel so overwhelming, that suddenly you cannot even make the simplest of choices; like whether to have tea or coffee.. And life becomes almost unbearable.

It is times like these where we need to stop, breathe, and take time to rebalance so that slowly we can begin to make choices again, one small s…

A Late night thought..

Perhaps certain people come into our lives to help us learn something about ourselves.. Towards becoming who we're meant to be and toward finding happiness.
These people can often appear to us as a threat or challenge, but really the threat isn't them.. It's what they're challenging in ourselves and the demons in us they stir up.
We shouldn't hold bitterness or resentment towards these people when they touch nerves as they are really a blessing in disguise; because dealing with these demons is inevitable if we are to ever seek true happiness.
Previously I have ignored and shut out people that challenged my beliefs but now is a time when I question what is right and what is wrong.

The answers I do not know.. But I seek to find.
With love x

A week in pictures

Sometimes photographs are an easier way than words..

With love 

Alter Ego

So aside from the mindful ramblings im often posting on here; There is also the more exciting other half of my life..
I know its been an age since I posted new work, but i hav been busy!
..Since moving to Boss ive been doing some pretty cool shoots, which I will blog about as I get the shots back, but here's a few sneaky behind the scenes snaps to set the scene..

With love x