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I hadn't written in a little while. I'd been feeling somewhat guilty (albeit unnecessarily) about that. It had not been for any particular reason other than my mind had been busy elsewhere and I found I didn't have much time or need for writing over the last few weeks.
But the last week came to me like a cannonball, a huge whack of emotions I wasn't expecting. And here I am, with my mind all full of words again.
So much has happened I wouldn't even know where to begin, or even if sharing the events and difficulties happening in my personal life right now is actually that relevant.
But what I did want to do was share some words for someone I know is having a hard time right now.
This is a person I've known, not always that personally, but I've known for her entire life. And instantly that makes me care. I care that she is struggling and that life isn't very easy for her right now.  Perhaps I care because of all the years I've known her and her family. But…