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Oh dear blog...

Im so sorry for neglecting you!
But i'm back now, with many more musings and goings ons :)

Life since April has been eventful to say the least. I've had an interesting journey.
I've learnt so much about myself and about life.. I think learning about ourselves and our emotions is such a massively important lesson in life and really, more people should take the time to do it.
I don't believe for one second that I am now completely in control of my emotions but I do feel more equipt to deal with them and accept certain feelings and saying 'its okay' to feel that way and move on.

I am trying to take better control of the practical things in my life these days.. my modelling is, as ever, hugely important to me.. but I have also, with a little help from those around me, found the creativity inside me once again and am finally getting on with my clothing label.
I will dedicate a little post to my clothing soon and hopefully include some images too.
What I should say i…

Happy Birthday

To my most beautiful friend, Miss Tanya Beetham, you deserve the best day.. I hope you relax, treat and enjoy yourself. You're one of the most incredible girls I've had the pleasure of being friends with and you should know how special you are :)
I hope you have a lovely day.

With love x

Magazine Cover

Out soon...!

With love x

Long days off...

I just love them, expecially when the sun is shining! Today has been spent drinking coffee and lounging in the sunshine in my mum's garden, I took my little kitty over with me because we'd just taken her to the vets. It was so lovely to see her playing about in the sunshine, chasing bees!
I can't wait until Jez and I can move to somewhere with a garden so she can go out and play.

Annyway, so I have a few quite days this week, which was much needed after my super busy weekend. I'm taking advantage of it by getting lots of rest and sleep, looking after my skin, no make-up and drinking lots of water. It can be hard to look after myself so well when I'm up and down the country, early starts, heavy make-up on shoots, little sleep etc.. So I always try and make up for it on days off by indulging in a good pamper!
Tonight I meet my better half for dinner, and I'm really looking forward to a nice glass of wine in the evening sun.. Getting us excited for our holiday!

Poor kitty cat...

My poor kitty is not very happy with me after having to take her for her spey and vacinations at the vets this morning :(
The poor thing has to wear one of those ridiculously impractical plastic cones around her head for a week so she wont bite her stitches and she's a more than a little unhappy about it to say the least. I believe she now deems me to be satan for putting her through this.
As she's still so drowsy from the anaesthetic, she keeps tumling over with the weight of her new cone-head..  Shes not impressed at all.i can help but find it slightly amusing..

Sunday i had a veryyy creative magazine shoot, working with one of my most favourite photographers, Xanthe Hutchinson .. here's a sneaky peek from behind the scenes..

Then yesterday I had a collection shoot for a designer, Very creative yet a little controversial.. Good fun non the less. I do just love how every day is different.
Right now i'm enjoying a couple of well needed days off after 4 days of shoots back…


My whole body. Hurts.

Who said modelling was easy work?!? I'm in the middle of a few very busy days and seriously, my body aches soo much. 

Annnyway, SO.. I am super excited about tomorrows job, shooting a magazine cover with the lovely Xanthe Hutchinson, who I am very much looking forward to working with again :) 

Going to keep this one short and sweet, as i'm too tired to type much more! I'll leave you with this beautiful image...

With love x

Michele Turriani

These images are from my recent shoot for fashion styling student Nayoung Lim, photographed by renowned fashion photographer Michele Turriani who was such a pleasure to work with, created an inspiring atmosphere in which you could totally sink into character...

With love x

More work...

The one above is from my work with Chiara Fashion, an online retailer which I work with regularly modelling their curret collections, this is going really well and its so good to have regular weekly work with the same company.
I have a similar deal with Beth and Robin at Rock My Vintage, a Birmingham based online vintage clothing company who's website goes live on the 1st May, so its been exciting getting all the products shot in time for the launch and hopefully their will be regular work with them in the future.

I also have just confirmed my first national ad campaign for a hair company! Woop! :)
Which obviously i am super excited about!

I have a few exciting jobs coming up, including a Magazine cover shoot with Xanthe this weekend and a possible trip to Monaco to shoot a french magazine editorial for XO Magazine.
So, lots of things to look forward to and get focused for :)

P.s. Happy 90th Birthday Grandad!

With love x

Jeremy Bridgeman Salons Shoot 2010

Not only the love of my life... He's also a very talented salon owner :) Here's some images from our latest shoot.

Photographer - Morgan Rushton

With love x

Out of the darkness...

Comes the light.

 Photographer - Xanthe Hutchinson, make up by Temi Sawyerr, clothing my LoveChild Boudoir.

I love them very much :)

Here's to the future...

With love x

Life in the fast lane...

..zooms by and sometimes you can forget to breathe.

Been super busy the past week with castings and shoots etc, which I love.. but combined with insomnia, I am exhausted! Today is my first day off in a while and it's heaven :) lots of frothy coffee and relaxing to be done today and i'm going to enjoy every last bit.

I've been  really trying and look after my skin etc as models are known for having the best skin and hair, and well.. mine hasnt been in the best condition lately due to neglect and stress. So here are my current top beauty tips:
Water - So i've been conciously trying to drink more water, and it's had a huge difference on my skin.. it looks much clearer and glowy. I know everyone says this.. but it honestly works!Sweet almond oil - I've also been trying out almond oil on my skin and nails and I really recommend it! You masssage a few drops into your skin when you get out the shower, use in circular motions for a super nourishing facial and soak your …

Spring Snow..

19th Febuary and its snowing! So that was a frosty little suprise when i woke up!.. Would explain why i was cold last night even in pj's, a dressing gown with a hot water bottle, a duvet and a blanket!

So i've got some test shoots in the pipeline for the next couple of weeks with some amazing photographers.

But for now, i'm going to wrap up and get cosy on this strange snowy day and go enjoy a big warm frothy coffee :)

With love x

In awe

Oh such beautiful images...

With love x

New photographs

Here are some previews of what i've been working on, lots more to come..

With love x

American Beauty..

Simply one of my favourite films of all time, beautifully made, mysterious and intriguing and ever so thought provoking, it hits all the spots for a deep thinker like myself.
Full of incredible quotes, thoughtfully written and with such intense meaning and significance... Here's a selection of my favourites:

''...But it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst... And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life... You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure. But don't worry... you will someday.''

''This isn't life! This is just stuff! And it's become more important to you than living! Well, honey, that's just nuts.…

Thought of the day..

''Perfection isn't about control, its about letting go.' ' - Black Swan Movie

Just a thought.

With love x

Renaissance Art Shoot

Finally, here are the images from the renaissance themed shoot I did in November 2010...
Photographer - Joshua Sallon
Hair and MAU - Michelle Court

Right now I'm trying to battle insomnia and force some sleep out of myself so, bon nuit!

With love x

New York, New York!

So.. here are some photographs from NYC..

Ahh what wonderfull memories...

Fair bit of post-holiday blues now we're home.. But trying to stay positive! And i've just stocked up on lots of lovely jasmine green tea (my current favourite) and flavoured coffee to help keep me smiling!;-)
Also been busy doing the styling and make-up for my hairdresser boyfriends hair model, the theme was 'Androgynous Rose', so i was going for a quirky, edgy take on classic, British beauty.. here's the result:

I believe I could shop everyday for the rest of my life if only my bank allowed me!

With Love x