Okay, okay.. I know its been a lifetime since my last post, and I wont waste half a post explaining why I have been a rubbish blogger or promise to be more consistent.. But instead I will just get on with it :)

Sooo, for lent this year I decided to do something a little different.. and no, I'm not religious if you were wondering, its just that every lent whilst everyone is declaring to give up chocolate and cheese; I always have that guilty nagging feeling that I should be too. But as I already have very few vices, it would be hard to give something stereotypical like that up... so I had a little think outside the box.

I wanted to do something worthwhile to more than just my waistline, and so I came up with local for lent; an idea to give up supermarket shopping and promise to shop locally for lent, supporting local businesses and our local community. Being a religious tweeter I put the idea out there on Twitter to see what people thought and straight away I had such positive responses to the idea and when local PR girl Charlotte Farringdon got on board, I knew we were onto something good and so we created the hashtag and #local4lent was born :)

Its been surprisingly easy to shop local for lent, and the most important thing for me is the relationships you are able to build with your local business owners.. its so lovely to know where your money is going and that it is supporting our local community and keeping small businesses strong. Not just going into some big money-making supermarket. As well as the benefit it has for our local businesses, local4lent also means we have access to much better produce. From the selection of fresh, seasonal fruit and veg to the locally reared meat for the BF (which he claims is a lot better than supermarket meat!) ..we have noticed such an improvement to the quality of our food. And there is something to be said for knowing where your food comes from, it almost adds to the flavour!

And its not just food, #local4lent also applies to any shopping.. from where we buy our morning coffee to our toilet paper. It just takes a little forward planning and consideration. It's not to say it hasn't had its difficulties... such as the 45min walk around all our local shops I did the other evening searching for skimmed milk (why so hard to find?!) but that's what makes it a challenge I suppose.. Nothing good ever comes easily so they say!

So I'm challenging those of you who haven't already, to join us for the second half of #local4lent and GO LOCAL! It doesn't matter that its halfway through, what matters is doing something good and spending your money more carefully. Even if you don't want to commit fully, maybe just decide to buy your meat from the local butchers or your potatoes from the grocers, its just something to think about and a little does mean a lot.
Follow the hashtag #local4lent on twitter to get on board! :)

I will blog about the #local4lent event we did on saturday in my next post.. thats enough of my good egg behaviour from me for now :p

With love x


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